New Opera, “Lilith: Mother of Dreams” Anouncement and Fundraising!

Before there was Eve, there was Lilith: Adam’s first lover, once human, made from the same dust, sensuality’s queen, bride of the Angel of Death, mother of opposing cosmic forces – strong, willful, unstoppable. She rules the storms of the skies and the heart – night owl, holy woman of power. From ancient tales of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, to Greece’s Lamiae and Daughters of Hecate, to Native American lore and Victorian Gothic Horror, Lilith looms large in the minds of men and women when the lights go out and they enter dream time. Some call her demon, vampire, child killer – others mother, lover, elder, friend. But whatever the appellations, she persists in the realms of our imaginations, from holy books and high literature to popular feminist concert series, TV shows, and Japanese anime. Child of Light? Daughter of Darkness? Both? Neither? You decide...

So. How’s THAT for a lead in????
Many of you know that on Sunday, October the 28th at 7PM my opera Lilith: Mother of Dreams will be premiered at Flushing Town Hall in Queens, NY. The opera, my collaboration with poet Alexandra Honigsberg, soprano Christina Rohm, and music director James Siranovich, has taken the form of what I like to call a ‘chamber monodrama.’ This short work features the brilliant voice of Christina Rohm, an artist whom I have been absolutely delighted to compose for.
I have been given a space grant by Flushing Town Hall to workshop and premiere the work in a semi-staged setting. The goal is to video and audio record this performance and use this to raise funds for a fully staged Manhattan performance within the year. Flushing Town Hall has been incredibly gracious with not only the space, but also with publicity.
However, there are costs which we need to cover to make even this first performance happen. We must hire staff for security and maintenance, people for run the stage and technical equipment, and most importantly, engineers to both audio and video record the performance.
*Please consider helping us in making this production a reality by giving a tax deductible donation via our fiscal sponsor, to whom we are very grateful, Composers Collaborative, inc.*

Please specify in the memo for check, phone pay, or PayPal (credit cards accepted):

Sponsored artist: Demetrius Spaneas

Sponsored project: Lilith
By Paypal:
or by phone: call 212-663-1967 – charge on any major credit card
or by mail: send check to Composers Collaborative inc. – 210 Riverside Drive #11G NY NY  10025

***Remember, you MUST specify either  Sponsored artist: Demetrius Spaneas or Sponsored project: Lilith or we will not receive your donation***

Thank you for your consideration in making this production a reality.

Warmly yours,


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