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Dear All,

Spring Wrap-up continues in March with the premiere of my composition As If… for choir and orchestra by the Polymnia Choral Society, Murray Kidd conducting.

I wrote both the text and music for this work, something that I intend on exploring more and more with my upcoming vocal projects. It was a delight and absolute joy to hear this piece brought to life in such an amazing way.

I am sharing the video of the premiere. Fair warning: I do speak quite a bit before the piece begins…you all know what THAT means 😉

Under the video will be my text, so you can follow along.

Spring Wrap-up will continue next with some international news from April!

Until soon,


“As If…”
Words and Music by Demetrius Spaneas
Premiere by the Polymnia Choral Society
Murray Kidd, conducting
St. Mary’s Church, Melrose, MA
March 8, 2014

As if the river’s run was not as swift
as to make the sun’s light glimmer
As if the breeze was not so gentle
as to caress the willow’s shape

Tonight the air is as still as Death
yet the persuasive sounds of Life persist
to rhyme and sing to me in the Dark
as if voices from

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many lives Past

As if the moonlit night was not so docile
as to lull my Love to sleep
As if the coming Dawn was not so forceful
as to awaken the river banks to Joy

Today the sun warms my mouth
and the scent of new grass fills my Being
I stand unbound within the glorious moment
and embrace the Love of many lives Past