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Greetings All,

Spring Wrap-up continues with 3 premieres of my after Calder on the same day in both NYC and Koper, Slovenia!

As part of a joint venture between the Koper Music School and my newly formed organization CITEarts (more on *that* later ;)), we coordinated performances on April 12th to happen simultaneously at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn and at the 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Music held at the Koper Music School. the collaboration consisted of the music of both Slovenian and American composers (including Stuart Diamond, Sandra Sprecher, and your truly) performed in both locations.

The American composers’ music was performed by students of the Koper Music School. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is not only to get great international performances by such young and talented music students, but also because my piece after Calder was performed TWICE on the Koper concert by 2 different ensembles: it opened and closed it!

After Calder is an indeterminate work, so that every performance will be different, dependent upon the instrumentation and real-time choices of the performers. It is inspired by the mobiles of Alexander Calder, and the music is to have the effect of a mobile suspended and spinning.



Below are videos of the three premieres–one in NYC by me and friends, the other two in Slovenia–that happened on April 12. Notice the uniqueness of each interpretation!

Spring Wrap-up will continue shortly…

Until soon,



NYC premiere

1st Slovenia premiere

2nd Slovenia premiere