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Greetings All,

Spring Wrap-up continues with a performance of my composition Danae’s Dream by the CompCord Ensemble at the Queens New Music Festival on May 18th, which took place at The Secret Theater in Long Island City, NY. The CompCord Ensemble is ensemble-in-residence for the Composers Concordance. Our program was a reprisal of our November show at the Cutting Room in NYC. It is always a great honor to play with such amazing musicians! I was delighted that Danae’s Dream received a second performance this season.

Below are two videos. The first is a solo improvisation that I gave before Danae’s Dream; the second is the piece itself.

There will be one more installment of ‘Wrap-up’…hoping to post in the next day or so. I have lots of current and *special* news to share. But all is good time!

Until soon,