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MLB fan cave



Greetings All,

It is my pleasure to tell you about this awesome happening that is combining two of my great passions: music and baseball.

Sponsored by Tally Beck Contemporary and Major League Baseball, a collaborative multimedia installation with my brilliant colleague and friend Erik Sanner will be opening on July 2 (invitation only) at the Major League Baseball Fan Cave in NYC.

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So, how do music and baseball unite in this installation, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you:

My sound design–which is what it really is more than a strict ‘composition’–takes the form of a series of 30 collages (one for each team) whose parameters (notes, sounds, entrances, tempo, structure, etc.) are based wholly upon baseball statistics. I am using my own mathematical equations to generate the creative content using this data. Erik is using this data in his own way for both the physical (painted) and projected (video) material.

Also, fans of specific teams should catch ‘inside references’ to their team or city–recorded sounds, bits of a song, vibe, etc.–if they are paying attention. In fact, I even reference a specific player, if you’re paying attention, Yankee fans…

This exhibit will be up for quite a while, although I believe showings are by request only because it is mainly for the MLB community.

At some point soon, however, I will post some photos and sound clips. Perhaps there will also be video footage of the exhibit. Maybe, the whole thing may eventually be online…maybe…

Until soon,