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Demetrius Spaneas

Multiwind performer, composer, producer, recording artist, adventurer.

About Demetruis

Demetrius Spaneas has traveled the world as a musical ambassador, promoting jazz and American music throughout the US, Eastern Europe, and Asia and has been featured soloist and composer at major concert venues and international festivals in the three continents. 

New Single Release

We’re delighted to share
the news of Demetrius’ new
single release “JoAnn,” now

Award Winning Composer

As a composer he has won grants and awards from ASCAP, Meet the Composer, the American Music Center, and other organizations, including a special certificate from the Russian Duma (senate) for enriching the cultural life of St. Petersburg.

In the Press

“such a zest, such fire, such a gleeful explosiveness… had it been just one percent more intense, it would have necessitated scraping the audience off the walls.”




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